Can I ever decide at crossroads?

At the moment, I am still drowning in efforts to find a new house. Rents are up in the air , so are our expectations I guess. Assumed that it would be easier if we drew an household budget and decided how much we could afford. Been there, done that. If the allocated budget were the only criteria I guess that would have been a lot easier. The problem here is that in my mind I am still  trapped in those times when I remember life not being so expensive, not so long ago actually. Even if our earnings have gone up tremendously as compared to the old times, my mind isn’t being very understanding at times. Whenever I ponder on those high figures, there is a part of me which says we cant really help it and maybe it is worth living life king size after all.. But just the next moment I feel God that’s too much fixed cost that we will be committing to . We might as well settle and spend less on daily life ( housing in my case) and splurge elsewhere celebrating life more often. I know there could be a mid way out of this but then the differential doesn’t seem good enough to give up the first option. This idea of calculating the opportunity cost for everything has to take some break.

At the crossroads, which way will I choose? Once I am tired of hanging around in mid air and make a choice( just for the heck of making a choice) , can I stop myself from not coming back to the crossroads again… I would like to end it by saying “Only time will tell ” , but will it really?


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