How much can you share with your husband?

Of course we all remember the promises that we have made to our partners to not let secret keep us apart. I love the idea of sharing every single thought that creeps up in my mind with him. I want to talk about the dream that I had last night and also why I think I might have had it too. I want to also share gossip with him instead of venting out things to people outside our household. But am I overstepping the line? Oh as a matter of fact I was hardly aware that there was a line at all. I just thought this promise was unconditional and that I didn’t have to emotionally cheat on my husband in order to vent out my thoughts. Ok let me hold you right there before you begin to think that this is a confessional post that I am writing after I cheated on my husband. Please no. I just took that analogy to vent out another one of my thoughts ( now you know how I relate stuff while explaining my thoughts) So anyway about that line that I was unaware of, I have something to say. I believe it is a line that is ambulatory. I say this because there are times when he wants to know everything that runs in my mind and there at times when the same things don’t interest him as much. I am aware of the fact that the line is subject to ” Terms and conditions”. The term and conditions being factors like my mood , his mood, time of the day, whether an interesting program or movie is being aired on TV or not stuff like that. But how do I know when is the right time to start or stop. I have no issues talking about it with my friends but he still want to be my best friend. You tell me my friend will you hold the start and stop boards in your hand for me? I wish I could read and scan through all the factors at once and decide what to do. Even if I could I don’t really want to go through a checklist before opening my mouth. 

Ok it will be bad on my part to say this happens everyday, but it has happened thrice and I has left me wondering what to do and say. 


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