The horrible “Mood Swings”



                  I don’t know if you have ever felt like this: I am crying in this minute, smiling away in the next and again back to the unfinished task of pouring my heart out. Only if you have experiences like this will you be able to understand what I am talking about. It is a feeling of utter helplessness that dawns upon you where you don’t find any light at the end of any so called tunnel. It feels like the more you walk on this path, the more painful it is going to be. So does that mean we have a choice to turn back and not take that path? I doubt. It can be taken as one of those compulsory subjects in college that you can’t afford to escape. I do understand it is a tried and tested method that God uses for make us tougher than ever before but please can we have a cheat’s way out. Hurdles and more hurdles all throughout this journey of life. I know it is to only enable us to appreciate the good times that follows the bad times but please have some mercy. I am tired of waiting for good things to happen through those bad times and when the good finally does arrive it comes in with very short validity. Even before we truly savor the happiness and live the moment we are pushed right in front of another tall, big and giant hurdle.

Please I want to be happy till the time that I am bored of being that happy.

P S: Don’t know if you noticed the difference at the start of the post and the end. That is the mood swing that I am talking about.


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