Is “Happy ending” a myth?

Two weeks ago I thought once we found a new place and settled in well, I would find happiness. Last week I thought once I hear from my to-be employer I shall be relieved and happy. Today I think once I have a little more clarity about the new job and join in, my rendezvous with happiness is sure to happen. Thinking back like this, I have just realized that almost 99% of my life so far has always passed with hoping that the gift of happiness is delivered to my doorstep. I have always been eagerly waiting alongside making great guesses as to what shall be my harbinger of joy. But truly is there a permanent happiness package with my name and address posted in this universe? If there is, why is there such a delay in delivery? Will I ever be able to “carpe diem” as they say it? Will there be a period of happiness a little longer than a few days before I find some other reason to be worried. Ok, I am aware that the Great people of all times say a zillion things about how to have a happy life forever, but does this promise come with a guarantee card? Can I please have some form of reassurance before I listen to all that anybody has to say. I would like to know that any methods that I ought to try shall reap benefits beforehand coz I am really tired of experimenting with new ways. I am tired with the trial and error methods and am now looking for some quick fix methods.

Having said so much I am beginning to think this might be giving you an impression that I am going through some testing times. Honestly there is nothing of that sought. If I were to count my blessings at this very moment there are too many that I can think of. A happy marriage, pleasant financials, decently good relationships, a social image so good that I sometimes wonder if that is truly what the world sees of me. What else could I ask for.. Well if I really can’t think of anything else that I need, then why is it that I have this constant void in me that  I strive to fill in each day. Why do I need to always hope for a miracle to fill my heart with everlasting happiness? Is it too much to hope for? Or am I feeling this cause I am looking for a happy ending and my life is surely no movie. Questions I ask are too many.. Answers are sort of out there but I am not yet ready to accept them with all my heart. Hope there will come a day when I embrace them and start over again.



2 thoughts on “Is “Happy ending” a myth?

  1. dilipnaidu says:

    Interesting article and yes ‘happiness’ cannot really come to us on a platter. I am reminded of a chinese quote which says “He who is contented is always rich”. I guess rich here imples happiness.

    Nice blog. Thanks & good wishes.

  2. The New ME says:

    Being content according to me is the toughest thing in life as it is never a one time thing. The constant effort requires a lot of dedication. Once conquered it shall surely open the gates to the happiness garden. Thanks a lot for dropping by. P.S : Loved your inspiration quote section. 🙂

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