The silent lessons

Life’s lessons are hidden in almost everything that nature has to offer. I say hidden because they are around all the while but will only reveal themselves as and when we seek for more wisdom. I have always heard people say it is very important to spend some time in silence each day to discover oneself, but never really understood the essence of it. There was I time in life where I was terrified of being in the company of silence. The monologue that I keep playing over and over in my head was very new to me. It also felt that maybe something is wrong with me as I keep speaking to myself. There is also the act of rehearsing and replaying various scenarios and events in the mind stage. But silence I find is like therapy where the counselor and the patient are the same. We can talk about anything at all to ourselves without the fear of being judged by others.

All this said, I would also say that there are times when this silence that we have chosen, seems like loneliness and it becomes very difficult to differentiate the two. It is those testing times that determine how we are able to handle situations in life. If we give in and begin to feel defeated and lonely, then so it shall be. If we are determined to conquer the kingdom of silence, that it have life shall reveal itself. There are sometimes that are only going to add to more stress when we think about them. So matters I think the best is to sleep over them. Miracles don’t happen overnight but surely the intensity of that sickening feeling in the tummy is at the least the next morning.

I therefore combine both this thoughts and try to spend at least some ME time in the morning where my mind is at its calmest state. Given the busy morning schedules it definitely is difficult to spend too much time that way but I am consciously trying to squeeze it in. I know some people may recommend mediation but in the stage that I am in I don’t really think I can get my mind to stand still at a particular time. My mind is constantly wavering around so many related or unrelated things that controlling it to focus on one particular point seems like a herculean task. But after I have heard about the experiences of people, I definitely would like to be a part of it. Seems simple after I make up my mind to do it but there is a catch here. The catch is that I would like to reap the benefits without trying too hard. As lazy as I may seem, I am what I am .



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