Trying too hard to please

No matter what we do, there will be someone or the other who will continue to be unhappy with us. The reasons maybe innumerable yet the sole constant factor that this situation is based on will always be the person in question. I have always been there too. For a person like me it is so difficult to overlook other peoples views. I haven’t really been this way all my life. I have had my rebel phase when I would never ever think about what the other people will feel even for a second. Every second was a liberating rebellious second. It somehow felt good and bad at the same time. Yet I payed no heed to what anyone said. I remember very little details of those times. I wonder if I really didn’t care or I just forced myself to believe that I didn’t care. Whatever it is, all that I know was that I always had this sense of breaking shackles at each stage.

Today I feel my personality has taken the road on the opposite direction, I am all about trying to please everybody around me. I know this is adding to a lot of unnecessary stress on me but am I will to let go? Will there be a time when I shall not really be affected by what people think or say?  I want to say – I don’t need you to like what I do or am. I will continue to be what I am. Please back off.



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