The opening line matters

“You are wrong … It is not like that… You don’t know….” Many times we have been used to start our sentences with these words. It surely is a very negative way to start a conversation. Not every person will be able to consciously pay attention to the words they choose to make a beginning with. It might just be our way of communication or an underlying pattern.  While talking there is never an undo key, is there? It therefore becomes very important to pay special attention to develop a more positive communication pattern. In conversations it is a now or never affair unlike writing where in there will be as many chances as you need to make changes. No matter how many books are written about the positive conversation skills i believe it comes only out of conscious effort. An effort that needs so much awareness that it feels impossible to achieve.


I want to be able to cultivate the positive communication skill so much so that it shall become engraved onto my personality. I do realize it is a tough one to crack yet I desire to achieve it.

Desire to achieve it, is my first step towards it.


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