The true BUT story…


I’m not homophobic, but seeing two guys kiss disgusts me.

I’m not racist, but Indians smell bad.

I have no problems with Muslims, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable dating one.

I have lesbian friends, but what’s with the not shaving?

My friend is dating a Syrian, but they’re so stupid.

I’m completely fine with Christians, but they are too extreme.

I understand what Palestinians are going through, but why do they have to ruin my country?

I’m not sexist, but women can’t drive.

I feel bad for poor people, but they should just work harder.

I fully support activists in Lebanon, but why do they have to be so annoying?

I love my maid, but I can’t trust her.

I’m a feminist, but women should listen to their husbands.

I go to gay places sometimes, but I’m just not comfortable there.

People with special needs are human beings, but you…

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